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*Please note that only lesson time COMPLETED may be invoiced to Wiki Wiki Swim School, if you plan to complete another lesson before the pay period is over then wait until after those lesson(s) are taught to submit your time sheet form.

  1. Select the # of clients you had this pay period.
  2. Type the Clients Name and select the # of students that were registered in their group.
  3. Select the total lesson time that was on the clients registration form.
  4. Type the lessons that you taught this pay period.  Example: If it is a new client and you taught the first 4 lessons you will enter #1-4.  If you have an existing client and you taught the final 5 lessons in a 12 lesson package you will enter #7-12. 
  5. Select the # of lessons that you have already COMPLETED this pay period.  Example: If you taught lessons #7-12 you will select 5, since you taught 5 lessons this period.
  6. Select the total # of lessons the client originally registered for in their swim lesson package.
  7. Enter the pay amount per lesson (that was given at the time of booking)
  8. Enter the amount of bonus pay offered per lesson (if applicable- at the bottom of form)

I hereby certify under penalty of perjury that I have worked all the hours and lesson time reported on this timesheet and payment amount listed on this time sheet is correct. *

For additional clients, please fill out the information below